Modest-sized building with elaborate layout and complex combination of façade finish materials.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Alexander Shutegov
Interior Designer - Tatiana Sentsova

3D Graphics

Oleg Berestennikov



Contemporary countryside residence with floor-to-ceiling windows

The starting point for the concept of this project was the client's desire to gather all his family members under one roof. Each of the inhabitants has their own entrance to the common area of the inner courtyard.
inner envelope, pitched roof, wood, natural stone
Floor-to-ceiling windows, clean proportions, lack of extravagance in the decor - all this was dictated by the aspiration to harmonize the house architecture with the interior design.
Floor-to-ceiling windows account for the unification of the building and the landscape.
living room interior design, sofa, stairs, view to the main window pane
The living environment holds nothing in excess striking a delicate balance between beauty and practicality. Austere Scandinavian brutality is combined with the finesse of the European interior design.
living room, sofa zone, view to the kitchen
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