Full-cycle design of contemporary premium-class countryside residencies - architectural design, detailed engineering, interior design, landscaping.


Roman Leonidov Architects design bureau have been established in Moscow in 1997, however the geography of our projects is not limited by the Moscow Region; we are successfully working all around Russia and neighboring countries.
We are well versed in all nuances of architectural development, interior design and construction work, and are happy to create functional environment for our clients.
Contemporary Residences
wooden houses
The complex process of designing and constructing a contemporary countryside house has always been one of the most challenging and interesting tasks for any architectural firm or a stand-alone architect. It only takes minutes to view all projects of an architectural bureau, while designing and constructing a contemporary countryside house takes months and years. Together with you, architects and designers make a long way from the first drafts to detailed architectural project of a contemporary house - as co-authors and partners in the process of the architectural and engineering design. I believe that involving the client in the process of architectural design should be the starting point in forming the creative philosophy and development strategy for talented architects, designers and engineers united in the team of Roman Leonidov Architects.

"Contemporary countryside house project for an architectural firm is not just a set of documents - it's a live organism which you have to carry through and nurture; and you can only consider your project work complete when the fireplace is lit in the living room and the whole family is sitting down to the dining table. This brings about the principal motto of our architectural bureau - no off-the-shelf solutions, individuality and exclusivity in each project".

Roman Leonidov

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Architectural Design
We design and construct various venues of commercial and residential real estate. No off-the-shelf solutions, no compromises.
Interior Design
We create interior design for houses of any size and lay-out. Individuality and exclusivity in interior design reflecting the uniqueness of our clients.
Landscape Design
We try to make the landscape to be the part of your personal space - open, but protected. The main idea of our landscaping projects is "Cause no harm". Man, house and nature can live together as one.
Designer Supervision
We care about everything that is related to the project: be it the choice of the construction team or monitoring of the engineering works. We are the lest to leave the construction site.