Restoration project for a hotel complex in Krasnaya Polyana.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Pavel Sorokovov, Natalia Kharlamova, Svetlana Fiantseva
Interior Design - Svetlana Fiantseva

3D Graphics

Building Rendering - Pavel Sorokovov
Interior Rendering - Oleg Berestennikov


Krasnaya Polyana

Restoration project for a hotel complex in Krasnaya Polyana

When you rent a villa, it is not only accommodation that you are getting. Life in the mountains has its special unhurried pace. In this hotel, it is only for you to decide whether you want to enjoy peace and quiet in the privacy of your own room, or get together with a for a party with your friends.
building facade with a view to the living room
The villa has several levels, each of those with its own function. Ground floor houses common areas and utility and housekeeping rooms. Second and third floors consist of private guest rooms featuring a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk-in closet and a large terrace. From the rooftop patio you can enjoy spectacular views of a mountain stream and the woods.
view to the inner courtyard
The interior decor is deliberately concise and simple - its purpose is to remind the guests why they are there - for the quietness, peace and proper rest.
living room interior design
Standard Floor Plans