This project features complex and sculptural rooftop. Wooden structures allow an architect maximum freedom while searching for the sculptural form.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Elena Volgina

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




panoramic view of the inner courtyard
The main idea was to utilize the land plot to the maximum. Due to unconventional architectural planning, the building takes almost one third of all territory.
main facade - wood in architecture
Vast application of hidden symmetry, and usage of simple geometrical shapes and strict lines emphasized by graceful details formed a very distinctive look of this house.
covered terrace of the second floor
Architect Elena Volgina came up with an idea of a fireplace that will draw your attention from any corner of the living room. Massive metal sheets incasing the furnace serve as a focal point of the living room.
interior design of a living room with a fireplace
The interior of the ground floor is abundant with finishing materials, such as natural wood, stone, decorative sculptured plastering.
The ground floor of the house is dedicated to the common spaces, the second floor hosts master bedroom and children's rooms, a study, and a playroom.
kitchen - dining room
Lighting of the interior utilizes a full range of modern technology: spotlights and surface-mounted luminaires, accentuated small wall lamps creating the dynamics of the passageways and staircase flights; striplights and indirect ceiling lights emphasize strong structure of split-level ceilings.
summer kitchen interior design
Standard Floor Plans