Town house with large windows and terraced roof. Finished in natural stone and wood.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Elena Volgina

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




In one of the picturesque little towns not far from Moscow, architect Roman Leonidov and interior designer Elena Volgina have built an exquisite residence with traits of constructivism in its architecture and completed with motifs of 1950-s and 1970-s as its main interior design theme.
terrace in front of the kitchen - night lighting
The ground floor of the house is dedicated to the common spaces, the second floor hosts master bedroom and children's rooms, a study, a playroom and a library on the mezzanine level of the living room. Offsetting the main entrance in relation to the central axis made it possible to feature a spacious two-level living room as the center of the whole composition - a vertical line that unites all other elements of the house.
The building looks especially spectacular in the darkness.
kitchen-front terrace, bonsai in a flowerbed
main facade
living room interior design - view of the main window-pane
The clients - a young couple with children - value minimalism, order and free space. These three characteristics have been almost ideally realized in both - exterior form of the house and its interior design.
The architects have strictly abode by the logic of building "from inside to the outside", so that each offset or an embedment represent a separate space. Just looking at the building from the outside you can guess what is hidden from the eye: in the protruding central unit - an open-to-below two level living room; to the left of it - large dining hall; in the extending one-story right wing - swimming pool and spa zone with an open sundeck terrace on the rooftop; in the left remote extension - a garage and staff rooms.
living room interior design
All parts are connected with each other by the glass galleries. Thus the form springs out from the matter, and not a single detail leads you astray.
The authors see in this project traits of constructivism and high-tech at the same time. And what catches the eye are the utmost brevity of the form and functionality native to modernism.
bedroom interior design
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