The house is built with an eye to traditions of organic architecture: it ideally blends in with the natural landscape, and for its finish we have mostly used natural materials.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior designer - Anastasia Leonidova

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




In one of the townhouse villages not far from Moscow Roman Leonidov Architects have built a residential house with an elegant semicircle terrace. With its natural wood and stone finish, it features complex and dynamic structure celebrating the idea that to strictness and brevity of form its owners prefer energy and versatility.
garage, arched roof, window panes
On the layout plan the house reminds us of a very wide "V"-shape, one "stroke" hosting the residential area and the other - a swimming pool, sauna and a gym.
On the courtyard side the house is flanked by a terrace.
terrace, inner courtyard
The building shape is based on the combination of free plains and natural materials gradually flowing from the facades to the interior. The architects have deliberately opted for smaller scale: both stone slabs and wooden panels are as narrow as possible.
living room interior design
The key role in creating the interior of the residential area is played by glass elements.
living room interior design, fireplace, armchair, floor-lamp, panel-painting
Just like you won't find two exact facades in the exterior architecture of this house, similarly there are no two same-looking rooms.
Vastly used in the façade finish, wood and stone are also instrumental to the interior décor.
Using hazel-wood strips as the recurring theme in the interior design, the architects compliment it with various other materials aiming for unusual and striking combinations. In the pool room for instance it is brass-plated bricks and cubes.
pool room
The swimming pool has a door to the open terrace.
We should pay a special mention to the staircases also completed from the hazel-wood blocks.
There are two of them in the house: one traditional parallel stairs, and the other spiral one uniting all levels. And if the first one has solid, though glass, fencing - the second one is protected by smartly twisted steel banisters which correspond in their high-tech design to the dynamic form of the staircase itself.
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