Contemporary half-timbered house.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Mikhail Churilov

3D Graphics

Mikhail Churilov



Half-timbered house project "Scandinavia - 250"

This project continues a series of wooden-frame residential and guest houses "Scandinavia". The operational idea for this building was inspired by the Scandinavian hospitality traditions, that is why the compositional center of the construction is the common space including the living room with a fireplace, the dining room and the TV room with all bedrooms and utility rooms grouped around it.
building facade, pitched roof
The visual "personality" of the building is shaped by a play of roof slopes elevated over the main structure resulting in a look of a "levitating" rooftop. Bold extension of the roof allowed for structuring in a second level housing the owners' bedrooms.
Typically for the "Scandinavia" series buildings, large windows and a whole set of terraces bond them with the landscape and provide for natural lighting emphasizing the warmth of the woodwork.
living room interior design, sofa, fireplace
The interior design is inspired by the Scandinavian countryside houses with their austerity and at the same time casual feel. Another elegant solution was also prompted by the Nordic style - using minimalist white forms in contrast to the natural wooden texture. This accounted for making the interior environment fresh and light retaining the coziness inherent to the wooden houses.
Standard Floor Plans