Contest Project


Roman Leonidov, Artem Shpilko

3D Graphics

Oleg Berestennikov, Pavel Sorokovov




The objective of the project is designing a fully independent small-size house located in a remote natural environment.

The unique features of this building are its constructive simplicity, ease of installation and usage of reasonable materials.

The main constructive element of the building is a standard 6-meter-long plank; usage of familiar space-consuming supporting elements is kept to a minimum. The house installation starts with setting up the foundation on screw piles and the auxiliary frame; after that begins the development of the main building space. A plank is being placed in a trench, arched to the desired project form and fixed. This results in the frame of the unique unconventional shape defining the main residential space of the future house.
Small wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects
The power supply is provided by the thermoelectric generator based on the Peltier elements operating through the temperature differences. It is installed on the wood-stove that serves as an additional heat source for the building.

Water self-sufficiency is being achieved by using the resources of the nearest water body, as well as installation of rain-water tanks. Independent filtering system provides for the purification of the collected water.

Arrangement of the sewerage system depends on the property status and can be accomplished in several ways. The project design suggests the usage of an autonomous compost toilet or installed on the grounds anaerobic self-sufficient septic tank.

The project design provides for usage of only eco-friendly materials that can be easily disposed of without affecting the environment when the house is no longer needed.
Small wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects
Small wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects
Small wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects
Small wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects