Ultra-modern countryside residence.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Elena Orman

3D Graphics

Dmitry Vasilyev



contemporary residence project

The main concept of this project is unity and struggle of opposites. The layout plan of the enclosed space with an inner courtyard creates the sense of security for the house dwellers. Large floor-to-ceiling windows on the outer perimeter reflect the openness to the changeable nature.
unusual house
The main building is divided in to two visually independent spaces. All private areas are facing the west with a view to a pond. The rooftop of the foundation building houses a landscape garden. Besides the foundation building seamlessly blends into the landscape due to the usage of gabions in the capacity of outer non-bearing wall.
Horizontal expanse of the building ties it to the land plot, while the circle shape serves to guard it.
unusual house, Roman Leonidov Architects
Simple, concise and clean lines of the interior place more emphasis on the entire volume of the space, filled with ease, air, and peace. Natural materials used in façade and interior finish and floor-to-ceiling windows create the feeling of harmony and unity with the nature. Column and impost spacing keeps its own pronounced rhythm. The interior design mirrors this rhythm through recurring constructive and decorative elements, and the play of the shadow and light creates a unique artful pattern on the surfaces.
Standard Floor Plans