Contemporary countryside residence project


Architect - Roman Leonidov

Photographs and Video

Sofia Leonidova



Countryside residence project "FRIGATE"

Both on the inside and the outside the look of the house was based on the principles of minimalism reflecting the lifestyle of its owners - geologists, travelers who prefer to live in an environment where there is nothing in excess.
main facade, cube, floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony
Large spaces flowing one into another, natural finishing materials both in the interior design and on the outside façades (natural slate, dolomite, larch wood), huge glass panes letting the landscape in and making it the main theme for the austere inside decor - all of this contributed to the unique look of the building, its personality.
The combination of the forms, facework and floor-to-ceiling windows makes the look even more impressive.
building facade, slate facing, garage drive-way
Standard Floor Plans