The house is completed with an eye on traditions of organic architecture: it ideally blends with the natural context and vastly utilizes natural materials in its finish.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Olga Sandakova
Interior Designer - Andrey Trubnikov

Photographs and Video

Sofia Leonidova



Contemporary Country Estate House

Trubnikov country estate in the suburbs of Moscow is built in the style of organic architecture and represents a new type of a Russian manor house. Building in the form of a wing follows three objectives: client's comfort, blending in with the nature and sculptural perfection.
contemporary residence - manor house
The image of the house was dictated by the owner's personality. He is a quite famous man in the beauty industry, with the free and easy flight of imagination - this brought about the wing shape.
The layout is full of secluded cozy nooks.
Wing House - general appearance
The architect wanted to experiment with the counter slope of the rooftop. The snow load doesn't frighten anyone these days, it can be calculated for any roof type. The drainage system allows for easy outflow of the rain water. All these considerations brought about the idea of a "V"-shaped roof.
floor-to-ceiling windows
Sculptural diversity of the architectural landscape is nevertheless accomplished by rather simple forms.
V-shaped roof
As to the construction of the "main wing", one of the elements under the roof is concrete as it carries considerable load. All other elements are made of wood. In the rooftops of the building extensions you can see outbowed laminated timber beams - they serve to create the wing effect.
The client wanted his house to be quite open and significant-looking, but at the same time allowing some privacy. Since the land plot is flanked by the woods, it was quite easy to hide the house from the neighbors; however one of the challenges was creating the intimate ambiance in the inner yard to give the sense of privacy to anyone being there.
natural stone in facade finish
The main building contains double-level living room open to below, dining room and the master bedroom on the second floor. One of the extension buildings hosts bedrooms for other family members and guests and a spa zone on the level below; the other extension building features the "stables" - the garage - and the gardener's apartment on the second floor.